For more than 20 years, Globals Real Estate professionals have been helping clients realize their dream of vacation and secondary home ownership. Below are the bio’s of our experienced team of professionals. Feel free to contact each directly with your specific questions. We are here for you.

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  • Guy Bouchard
    Guy Bouchard
  • Michael Bouchard
    Michael Bouchard
  • Marissa Branisavljevic
    Marissa Branisavljevic
  • Peter Brooks
    Peter Brooks
  • Stacy Burgess
    Stacy Burgess
  • Brent Ferry
    Brent Ferry
  • Jason Germaine
    Jason Germaine
  • Else Kapusta
    Else Kapusta
  • Larry King
    Larry King
  • Jorge Palaez
    Jorge Palaez
  • Phil Peachey
    Phil Peachey
  • Jaqueline Roman
    Jaqueline Roman
  • Regina Salgado
    Regina Salgado
  • Tom Schmidt
    Tom Schmidt
  • Ana Silva
    Ana Silva
  • David Tung
    David Tung
  • David Varecka
    David Varecka
  • Joreen Varecka
    Joreen Varecka
  • Bren Walmsley
    Bren Walmsley
  • Garry Walmsley
    Garry Walmsley
  • Keith Young
    Keith Young


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