Orlando Real Estate Near Disney

Orlando Real Estate close to Walt Disney World®

If you are looking for Real Estate close to Disney World® in Orlando, FL, look no further than Global. We have been in real estate since 1993 and have focused much of our attention on properties located next to Disney World®. As the old adage goes, location, location, location. We strongly believe that location, above all, will influence the success of your investment, especially for vacation rental properties. Properties located close to the Disney area have a distinct advantage as many of the 72 million annual visitors come to Orlando because of Disney World®. There may be unbelievable deals found outside close proximity to Disney World®. However, those rental homes with the highest rates and occupancies will dictate the value of your investment in the future. In comparing identical homes, one close to Disney and one that is not, the less expensive investment would not be your best choice – even if your mortgage and expenses are less.

Fortunately, Orlando offers a 52-week rental season due in great part to our friends at Disney. And, Central Florida is projected to grow substantially. The baby boomers are hitting retirement age and many of them want the beauty that Orlando has to offer. If you are looking to purchase a vacation rental property or a property to rent out on a long-term basis, there is no better place to obtain rental income year-round than Orlando.

Focusing on property near Walt Disney World®

Short-term rental homes – Global are experts in helping clients buy vacation homes near Disney World® and we manage nearly 350 short-term rentals in the Orlando/Kissimmee area for absentee owners across the globe. And, Global is a proud member of Disney’s Vacation Rental Home Connection. The Global Team has over 25 years of experience and knows how to maximize the success of vacation rental properties. Why trust working with anyone else… Global is clearly the right choice!

Long-term rental homes – Investors turn to the Global Team to buy property for long-term rentals. We manage nearly 200 long-term rentals in the Orlando area, most of them in close proximity to Disney World®. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the long-term rental market, we are able to offer valuable information regarding rental potentials of specific property. The location and the condition of the home are critical factors in predicting the success of your investment. Also, we have a team of maintenance technicians that can help with any repairs necessary to maximize rental income.


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