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Global has been managing properties since 1993 and currently manages over 700 short and long-term rentals. Although we offer every type of real estate, from primary residence to commercial and development opportunities, we specialize in 2nd home/vacation homes and investment properties.

Short-Term Rental

These properties are purchased primarily for use and enjoyment. They can be a good investment because of tax benefits and appreciation. They can generate a substantial amount of income but they also tend to have higher running costs. Global manages over 350 short-term rentals in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.

Long-Term Rental

These are ideal for investors, especially in the current market. You can generate income with limited expenses. Long-term tenants can often cover the expenses for investors, which makes these opportunities extremely viable for many. Global manages over 400 long-term rentals in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.

Second Home Residence

These properties are not rented but used for personal use and enjoyment. Global can assist buyers seeking to purchase property for their retirement years or investors just looking to hold property to flip in the future.


This refers to building or land intended to generate a profit, either form capital gain or rental income. Most properties are marketed and priced based on the income they generate. Commercial Real estate continues to be one of the best real estate investments in Central Florida. One of the main things to consider is that the income stated does not factor the principle reduction or reflect the appreciation of the property. The ROI (return on investment) typically varies on the strength of the tenants and term of the leases as well as the age and location of the property.

Currently there are residential and commercially zoned parcels in Central Florida that can still be acquired at distressed prices. Some of these are ideal for an investor who would like to buy and hold the property until there is an opportunity for a substantial profit. The other opportunity is to develop the property and sell off the individual parcels to maximize the profit. Regardless of your motivation, Global's commercial experts can guide investors toward the right investment.

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